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Dear Citizens, 

Hello, my name is Major Renee Kriesmann, and I am currently

serving as the Commander of the Bureau of Community Policing, providing senior-level oversight of all six police department districts in the City of St. Louis, helping to transform the Department into an organization that is both tough on crime and committed to partnering with neighborhoods in ways that reflect empathy and a healthy appreciation for the value and strength of community residents as key players in public safety.


Major Renee Kriesmann
Commander, Bureau of Community Policing

Dear Citizens,

Welcome to the Third District! My name is Captain Joseph Morici, and I’m assigned to the Third District. I consider it a blessing to serve in this capacity. The officers of the Third District are very dedicated
and committed to serving you, as well. I pledge my full commitment to you and promise to do everything within my power to reduce crime and make your neighborhood safe. I joined the St. Louis Police Department 28 years ago and still find great fulfillment in keeping our citizens safe. I look forward to meeting you at community meetings and other outings. I consider you a community partner in working with Third District Officers and me to keep you
safe and secure.
Captain Joseph Morici
Commander, Third District

Dear Citizens,

I am Captain Edward Benoist, and I have been assigned to the Fourth District as your Captain. As your District Captain, I believe everyone deserves the right to be safe and feel safe. This
means that crime reduction will always be the District’s first priority. The best way to achieve the safety we all desire is by working together and building ever-closer collaboration between the police and the people we protect. I look forward to working together. Thank you for all you do to support this city, and thanks especially for being part of its Fourth District.
Captain Edward Benoist
Commander, Fourth District